Costa Wholesale

Our philosophy is simple; provide fresh consistent roasted coffee whilst maintaining local, personalised and honest service. Coupled with our extensive coffee knowledge and experience we invite you to share our passion as we look to spread our love for coffee across the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

We understand the commitment needed to run a successful cafe, we have been through the highs and lows of day to day operation and we strive to work with our customers as much as possible to contribute to the success that you envisage in your cafe. When you choose to use Costa Noosa Espresso you choose for your business an A Grade boutique coffee, a fair priced product and a support network for you and your staff.


At Costa Noosa Espresso we work closely with our green bean suppliers to ensure we are purchasing the best of the the world's green beans at reasonable prices that we can pass on to our customers. We only purchase 100% A grade Arabica coffee from the best growing estates around the world.

Our roasting is performed daily and is carefully monitored and controlled by our hands on head roaster/owner of Costa Noosa. Deliveries are available to customers daily and coffee is always dispatched within 2-3 days after being roasted ensuring the freshest coffee for your customers. We have hand crafted two blends available for your cafe both of different strengths but both with similar full bodied smooth characteristics leaving your customers coming back for more and more. Our Swiss Water Organic Decaf is a hit with customers. Available to you in beans or ground and in as small quantities as 250g to ensure freshness to your cup.

For a cafe with a point of difference we also have an Australian and an Organic single origin bean available. Please let us know if this is an avenue of interest for you and we will be happy to discuss this further with you.

Full descriptions of Blends are available below, contact us to arrange a no obligation, free tasting with one of our coffee specialists in our roasting house at Sunshine Beach or we will bring the experience to you in your own cafe.

Espresso Noosa: Our signature Blend consisting of green beans from Central South America is specially hand crafted to deliver a rich and velvety crema with a full bodied smooth flavour sure to suit all palates of coffee drinkers.

Cooloola Cool: Our strongest and darkest roast the Cooloola Cool holds itself exceptionally well through a milky latte or experience the smooth, full bodied, earthy flavours packed into the punch of a fresh espresso.

Capricorn: From the Atherton Tableland, Far North Queensland, a small coffee plantation can be found producing some of Australia's best grown green beans. We roast this single origin bean medium dark to produce sweet aromas with a very smooth, rich chocolate palate. Winner of two awards at the CSR Golden Bean Competition 2009/10.

Farmers Organic:Our Farmers Organic is a single origin, co-op grown green bean from Nicaragua roasted to medium darkness to produce a medium strength, full bodied coffee with a caramel and almond finish.

Yemen Ismali Mocha: Our most prestigious coffee this tiny green bean can be found growing on steep fertile terraces in Yemen, the Middle East. The surprisingly small bean delivers a complex yet full body wine and spicy taste with chocolate and earthy notes.

Organic Swiss Water Decaf: Organically grown on the mountain slopes of Peru. The Swiss Water Method is a process to extract all caffeine from the green bean using no added chemicals, resulting in an exceptional cup. This medium roasted bean is noted for its berry/plum profile with nutty hints.


In recent years tea has followed in the footsteps of coffee and has flourished into a new world of blends and qualities available on the market. These days a tea connoisseur can be just as fussy as your everyday coffee snob. We understand this and therefore have carefully selected boutique loose leaf tea available for you in a range of black and herbal tea blends. We offer the following teas in 100g quantities.

English Breakfast
Organic Earl Grey Tea
Organic Japanese Sencha
Lemon Breeze Tea:
Contains a blend of lemon grass, orange peel, organic hibiscus, ginger and organic calendula petals.
Spiced Chamomile Tea: Contains a blend of cinnamon, star anise, cloves and organic lemon peel.
Peppermint Twist Tea: A blend of peppermint, spearmint, rose hip, organic red clover and rose petals.
Vanilla Chai Tea: A Blend of cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg, cardamom pod
and organic vanilla bean.


* 1kg Costa Noosa Drinking Chocolate
* 100g Costa Noosa Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans


All our accessories are road tested in our roasting house/cafe at Sunshine Beach so we know they will work for you. We carefully select our accessories to give you products that not only compliment your Costa Noosa Espresso but also offer your cafe a point of difference from the shop down the road. We stock the following items plus more:

* Costa Noosa Espresso Raw Sugar Sticks
* Costa Noosa Espresso Logo Paper Takeaway Cups and Lids. Available in 8oz and 12oz
* Espresso Machine Cleaner
* 1Ltr and 600ml Stainless Steel Milk Jugs, Stainless Steel Coffee Tampers


Our smart and elegant branding is available to you to help market your cafe. Branding your cafe can be valuable in attracting customers however it is important to establish and maintain your own identity and to not smother your cafe with product umbrellas and signage.

We have available for you:
Costa Noosa Espresso Market Umbrellas
Costa Noosa Espresso Windbreakers

We are always open to ideas of other branding opportunities when the above do not suit. Please use our wholesale enquiry form below or contact us at wholesale@costanoosa.com.au if you wish to discuss other opportunities.

Espresso Machines

An espresso machine can be as important as your beans or even the barista making the coffee. The way a machine performs under pressure, the consistent temperature of water from group heads and the reliability of your machine are factors that must be taken into account. Many operators when starting up a new cafe do not research this enough and end up with machines that do not do their product justice. At Costa Noosa we use and recommend Wega Espresso Machines and Mazzer Grinders. Both Made in Italy, we have found the Wega and Mazzer range to be a user friendly, consistent and reliable equipment both with exceptional service providers in Queensland and throughout all states of Australia. We provide packages at below recommended retail prices for our customers. Contact our wholesale team today to discuss a package that best suits you!


Whether you are new to the industry, wanting to improve your latte art or looking to perfect your knowledge and skills our training staff will be able to assist. Complete coffee and machine training is available to all customers and staff as part of the Costa Noosa package. Training is an ongoing free service and can be conducted in your cafe or at our espresso bar in Sunshine Beach.

The coffee industry is changing everyday and baristas will always benefit from extra training. Every company's product is different and there are many areas that can be covered to develop your barista. Information is a wealth of knowledge and you can always learn something new.