Costa Noosa Coffee...

Espresso Noosa

Our signature blend consisting of green beans from South America is especially hand crafted to deliver a rich and velvety crema with a full bodied smooth flavour sure to suit all palates. It has won silver and bronze in recent Australian Golden Bean competitions.

Cooloola Cool

Our strongest and darkest roast the Cooloola Cool holds itself exceptionally well through a milky latte or experience the smooth, full bodied, earthy flavours packed into the punch of a fresh espresso.

Farmers Organic

Our Farmers Organic is a single origin, co-op grown green bean from Nicaragua roasted to medium darkness to produce a medium strength, full bodied coffee with a caramel and almond finish.

Organic Swiss Water Decaf

Organically grown on the mountain slopes of Peru. The Swiss Water Method is a process to extract 99.9% of the caffeine from the green bean using no added chemicals, resulting in an exceptional cup. This medium roasted bean is noted for its berry/plum profile with nutty hints. It has won silver at the 2013 Australian Golden Bean competition.